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The Ems Cycle Path 2014

The Ems Cycle Path accompanies Germany’s smallest river from its source near Paderborn right up to where it enters the Dollart near Emden from where it flows to the North Sea. Along its path, the Ems flows through a variety of cultural regions including the Münster, Oldenburg and Ems Regions. Impressive castles, peaceful farming villages and inviting villages all lie along the Ems Cycle Path surrounded by the impressive and expansive  landscape.
As short as the Ems may appear with a length of around 370 kilometres, it is nevertheless an important economic artery for the region. Upriver from Papenburg, cyclists may even catch a glimpse of an ocean liner passing amazed crowds on its way towards the open sea. The university town of Münster is the highlight of the Münster Region and is known as the best cycling town in Germany. A well-developed network of cycling routes encloses the entire town. At the train station there is even a bicycle parking garage which is the largest of its kind in Germany.The Münster Region is the top choice for a cycling tour; you will have the opportunity to visit a number of moated castles like in the Loire Valley whilst cycling along excellent cycle paths.  
Emden is the finishing point of the Ems Cycle Path and presents itself as a town of contrasts. On the one hand, the town on the Dollart is very much characterised by its extensive and busy harbour, but on the other hand around the Ratsdelft the town is quiet and peaceful. In the golden days of the town, where today three museum boats bob in the waves, there were more boats moored than in the entire British Kingdom.


Palace of the Prince Bishops in Münster

Schloss Münster


Canals are the arteries of the Region

Kreuzfahrtschiff-Überführung an der EmsEmsland Hauptkanal in Papenburg


Idyllic scenery along the Ems-Cycle Path

Bauernhof im Rapsfeld


As you can see there is a lot to discover along the Ems Cycle Path. We look forward to hearing from you!

Simon Mink - Ems Cycle Path

Simon Mink

Managing Director
Radweg-Reisen GmbH